Free-Form Carving Class

Course length:

3 days, Friday through Sunday, 9:00am -5:00pm



This includes:

Tool kit and materials

An Oregon Sunstone rough for carving.

Assortment of diamond burs, pre-polish, polishing tools and pastes

Course Description:

The Free-From Carving class is designed to improve the carving and polishing skills, and to understand the list of tools and equipment a student will need in their workshop. The course is equipped for a live demonstration and hands-on carving to polishing process.


Fundamental Skills Learned:

  • Safety at workstations and Tools
  • Pick out the best rough for carving
  • Understanding the fundamentals of tools, diamond burs and polishing pastes
  • Carving and polishing


Jakkarin Iamnok (Bee)

Contact Information:


Phone: (541)-291-2719


Ron Skog


Phone: (541)-890-2501


Sunstone Freeform carving (above)

Aquamarine Free-form Carving ready to be polished (above)

Free-form Welo Opal (above)