Jewelry Technician Class

Available dates:


Course length:

5 weeks, Monday through Friday, 9:00am -5:00pm

With open shop on the weekends.


$5,300 with tool kit and materials fee included.

Course Description:

This Jewelry Technician Course is the comprehensive of basic to intermediate training for real-world skills. Students will learn hand-on skills such as filing, sawing, piercing, soldering, polishing, stone setting techniques, simple Hand Engraving, alloying and pouring ingots, rolling wire and sheet, Fabrication with silver and gold, wax carving, casting process and techniques, Plating and More.

All benches are equipped with simple hand tools that will be needed in this class. (Student is recommended to bring their own hand tools in the list)

Fundamental Skills Learned in Jewelry Technician:

  • Safety at workstations and Tools
  • Gemstones and Metallurgy, alloying,
  • Fabrication: Piercing, Soldering, Forming, filing
  • Stone Setting: Bezel setting, Prong setting, V-prong setting, Tube setting, Flush setting, Channel setting, Basic bead setting, star setting, shared bead setting.
  • Hand Engraving: Introduction, Graver preparation, Bright cut for stone setting.
  • Wax carving
  • Lost wax casting
  • Electroplating
  • Laser welding Fundamentals

Core Assessment:

Open workshop on every weekend.

1st week:

Day 1) Introduction to sawing, filing, soldering, workstations.

Day 2) Cut-out earring, First silver band,

Day 3) Carved band, Bezel pendant, Bail making

Day 4) Bezel setting ring, Twist ring

Day 5) 4-Prong round setting, Solder skills test

2nd week:

Day 1) Hand fabricate silver bracelet from scratch

Day 2) Hollow ring

Day 3) Graver preparation, hand engraving, 

Day 4) Pear shape setting, Princess cut Prong stone setting

Day 5) start Box ring, 

3rd week: 

Day 1) finish Box ring, Introduction to Laser

Day 2) Make split band and tube setting 

Day 3) Flush setting, hand engraving

Day 4) Star setting, make band and marquise stone setting

Day 5) Bead setting, 

4th week:

Day 1) Introduction to wax carving  

Day 2) wax carving 

Day 3) Investing for lost wax casing #1, clean up casting

Day 4) Centrifugal casting, Investing for lost wax casting #2

Day 5) Vacuum casting, Clean up casting

5th week:

Day 1) Channel setting 

Day 2) Make ring with princess cut bezel setting

Day 3) 7 stones shared bead pendant

Day 4) Mold making, Electroplating

Day 5) Graduation 

Prerequisite: Must be approved by our instructor


Jakkarin Iamnok (Bee)

Contact Information:


Phone: (541)-291-2719


Ron Skog


Phone: (541)-890-2501